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Why spend $500 for a new driver to get an extra 20 yards
when all you need is HotterBalls™?

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Need Your Balls Warmed?
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Hit it farther! Hit it straighter!
HotterBall System
With The HotterBalls™ Advantage
  The Ultimate Golf Ball Warmer

The Hotter-Ball™ Golf Ball Warmer approaches optimum ball flight and accuracy using the theory of thermodynamics. Not only does hot air rise above cold air, but objects that are warm are far easier to compress than objects that are cold.

Since warm air rises, it is obvious that objects that are warmer will have greater "lift" than those that are cold. This is the basic principle used in hot air ballooning. A golf ball that is warm will have a greater tendency to spin properly. This increases accuracy and "feel" not only off the tee but off the fairway as well. Greater accuracy means less strokes and a better score.

Straighter ball flight The HotterBalls Advantage™

In an independent study, correlating golf ball accuracy and golf ball core temperatures, by a well-respected golf products testing agency, it was clearly demonstrated that heated balls resulted in longer, straighter ball flight.


When the core of a golf ball approaches the optimum temperature of approximately 80º F , it reaches optimum compression ratios. Optimum compression causes a well-designed golf ball to reach maximum velocity and trajectory off of a club's face. In addition, the correct spin and attack off of the club face means better accuracy.

At the heart of The Hotter-Ball™ Golf Ball Warmer is the Thermal Activator bag. Containing a proprietary and non-toxic salt solution, the Thermal Activator is easily activated by snapping a metallic disc floating in the bag. In seconds, the salt solution crystallizes in an prolonged endothermic reaction releasing heat. When the Thermal Bag is placed in the insulated ball bag warmer, with your golf balls of choice, the balls steadily increase in core temperature until they reach their optimum temperature of 80º C.

  Hotter Ball Core
Golf Ball Energy Transfer To sum it up; The hotter the golf ball (and club) the higher the ball speed, because the warmer the golf ball, the better the transfer of energy from club to ball.

Anytime your tee time temperature is below 80 degrees, The Hotter-Ball™ Golf Ball Warmer can help your ball distance and flight.

  • No electricity required.
  • No batteries or parts to replace or recharge, ever!
  • Thermal Activator may be reused literally thousands of times.
  • Does not violate PGA rules.
  • Warm up to a dozen balls at one time!
  • Maintain optimum core ball temperature for up to two hours.

Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the HotterBall™ Golf Ball Warmer, simply return it to us, with the original copy of your purchase receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling charges).

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